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Q:how do i know i am getting a disc and not a blank cd

A:becuse we test them on 2 xbox systems to make shure

Q:do you host 10th for mw2 or cod4

A: yes we do we host system like lobbys with livestream for $20 paypal

Q: how do i hotswap my xbox

A: just click the iso help link and we will get in touch with you but for starters you need a t10 screw driver 2 paper clips,phillips screw driver,and a knife .

Q: can this mess up my xbox in any way

A: yes and no  but only if you get mad at you xbox and beat it up lol but for the most part you will be just fine as long as you ask for help if you dont know what you are doing and just dont get in a big hurry take it slow and you will be on your way to modding your xbox

Q: can i play the disc on a flashed xbox

A: yes you can just put the disc in and just play it on a flashed xbox with no problems

Q: do we offer a flashing service so you can play backup or coppied games

A: yes we do the flashing service charge will range from 35 to 65 usd. plus shipping and no you do not have to flash your box for the iso mods to work just makes things so much more simple

Q: is the payment a secure payment so I wont get screwed

A: yes it is the same form of payment that ebay uses so you do have buyer protection

Q: do i need the real game not the dowloaded version off the market place

A: yes you need the cd of the game not a downloaded version