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gta script mods aka mod menu no keyboard included


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these mods are some of the best ones out right now here is a video link so you can kinda see what all is in them skully 128 has posted many vids in the video section as well s/videos/show/16463522-gta-mods-v2-5-edi t

these mods do require a usb keyboad this package does not include the key board


Teleport To Waypoint - T

Lock/Unlock Vehicle Doors - L

Super Run Speed - Y

Normal Run Speed - U

Give Current Player Money - ]

Warp Out of Current Vehicle - [

Enter Vehicle Spawner Menu - F11

Toggle Vehicle Invisibility - N

Set Current Vehicle on Ground - K

Toggle Player Invisibility - V

Auto-aim Toggle - J

Wanted Level Toggle - H

Enter Model Changer Menu - F12

Fix Current Vehicle - G

Give Player Poor Weapons - X

Give Player Advanced Weapons - Z

Give Player TBoGT Weapons - A

Enter Player Menu - P

Create Explosion at Player Location - E

Collect All Airport Health Packs - =

Toggle Current Vehicle Helper - F

Toggle Player Invincibility - I

Shuffle To Next Seat - W


Airport Annihilator Helicopters - 1

Hove Beach - 2

Charge Island - 3

Helitours - 4

Star Junction - 5

Middle Park - 6

Bohan Baseball Park - 7

Happiness Island - 8

Prison Cage - 9

Sultan RS Spawn - 0

Up High - F1

Bank of Liberty - F2

Majestic Hotel - F3

Museum - F4

Rotterdam Tower - F5

Niko's Apartment Middle Park East - F6

Meadows Park Tower - F7

FIB Building - F8


Next Vehicle - M

Previous Vehicle - B

Spawn Vehicle - Enter

Exit Vehicle Spawner Menu - Esc


Next Model - M

Previous Model - B

Change Model - Enter

Exit Model Changer Menu - Esc


Next Player - M

Previous Player - B

Exit Player Menu - Esc

Teleport to Selected Player - T

Give Selected Player Money - X

Create Explosion at Selected Player - E

Warp Into Selected Player's Vehicle - L

Set Selected Player on Fire - C

Kick Player - K

{--------------------------------------- ----------------Mod 1 Dr Jigsaw's Custom Script---------------------------------- ------------}

*You must have God Mode enabled on both the keyboard "I" and the controller, Dpad Right + Y, in order to have full God Mode.

**In order for Rapid Fire RPGs to work, enable the Unlimited Clip ONLY on the controller, not both keyboard and controller

***While using Unlimited Clip on the controller, do not go to the grenade/Molotov. You will freeze***



Dpad Right + A - Rapid Fire (Don't go to grenade, you will freeze)

Dpad Left + A - Change Player Model to Niko

Dpad Down + A - Spawn Infernus

Dpad Left + B - Change Player Model to Stripper

Dpad Right + B - Player Invisible/Visible

Dpad Down + B - Spawn Sultan RS

Dpad right + Y - Invincibility On/Off

Dpad Down + Y - Sapwn Rancher

Dpad Right + X - Auto-Aim on/off+ Color Changer

Dpad Down + X - Spawn Neons

LB + A - Fix Vehicle

LB - B - Police on/off

LB + Y - Teleport Out Of Current Vehicle

LB + X - Remove Vehicle Invincibility

RB + A - TBoGT Weapons

RB + B - TLaD Weapons

RB + Y - Poor Weapons

RB + X - Advanced Weapons

LS + RS - Teleport to Sultan RS Location <<<<< wouldnt suggest using this (bring up script loader & teleports you.)

LS + A - Spawn Sultan RS with Hippo Bin + Teleport to Prison Cage

LS + B - Teleport to Boulevard

LS + Y - Teleport to Middlepark

LS + X - Teleport to Happiness Island

RS + Dpad Left - Teleport to Firefly Island

RS + Dpad Right - Teleport to Charge Island

RS + Dpad Up - Teleport to Helitours

RS + Dpad Down - Teleport to Start Junction

LS + RS - Vehicle Helper on/off

LT + RB - Make Explosion At Your Location

RT + Y - Spawn Gay-Pedestrians that fight with baseball bats

RT + X - Spawn Prisoner with gun

{--------------------------------------- ------------Mod 2---Dudeitsbrians----------------------- -----------------------}

numbers 0-9: teleports (number 2 is going to be a random spot in the air)

q - gravity

w - shuffle between seats

e - explosion at your person

r - teleport out of current vehicle

t - teleport into nearest car, if a waypoint is set it will teleport to waypoint

y - toggle super-run (much better than previously release version )

u - destroy current vehicle (even if its invincible)

i - invincibility

o - spawns peds

p - player menu

a - model menu

s - car spawn menu

d - toggle vehicles stick to ground

f - toggle rainbow flashing car

g - fix current vehicle

h - toggle police

j - enable/disable auto-aim

k - set vehicle on ground properly

l - lock/unlock car

z - advanced weapons

x - poor weapons

c - unlimited clip

v - make player invisible/visible

b - steal all health packs at airport

n - toggle vehicle invisibility

m - give yourself money

. - spawn 747

, - spawn private jet

space - spawn neons on current vehicle

enter - spawn rockets onto current vehicle (rb to shoot rockets)

LB - ragdoll

shift - kill all players in your car (may have to press it a few times, this kills even players with godmode)

in the player menu, model menu, and car spawn menu press backspace to close the menu, enter to select an option.

{--------------------------------------- ------------------Mod 3----Airbrake--------------------------- ---------------------}

Right Stick+A To Turn on Fly Mode


Move Left Dpad+Left

Move Right Dpad+Right

Move Forward Dpad+Down

Move Back Dpad+Down

Move Up RB

Move Down LB

{--------------------------------------- ------------Mod 4---Garage Mod Shop------------------------------------ -----------}

Garage Shop Mod+ Location points on the map

Once you have Enabled Garage shop mod

you can customize you car modify ect

{--------------------------------------- ------------Mod 5----Annihilator --Mod----------------------------------- ---------}

Controls for annihilator mod Annihilator mod

Left Stick - Attach/Detach

{--------------------------------------- ------------Mod 6--Skylift Pickup---------------------------------- -----------------}

Add credits here...

Skylift Pick up Spawn a skylift from Garage mod shop Open SCO Mod Manager Enable Skylift Pickup

To Attach an Object Click Left Stick Down and the same again to release it.

XYZH Coords Show's you XYZ


{--------------------------------------- ----------Mod 7--XYZH

Item Added.
Adding Item.