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arizonas mod menu


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this is the newest menu from arizona

hey guys arizon just hooked it up with his sexy new mod menu it has so much more shit then normal

theres new zip lines on zombies der riese

strat lobby has stealth bomber

mortar team

orbital strike

force fields

chopper gunner

attack choppers

auto turrent

zombie personalities

teleporting zombies

sucide zombies

and best coolest thing of all is the friendly fire (able to kill your fellow players )

and much more for just the strat lobby

you still have the hide and seek lobby where u turn into diff models and hide around the map while one person who is the seeker looks for you and then shoots u hen he finds you till everyone is found

the ability to take away ather mods from modded players so they have to play legit

the mod menu lobby has

the editor menu has:

stats edits

round edits

clan tag edit

custom class edits for multi player

color scheme editor

scollbar edits

bottom edits


invert contrast

gray scale

zombie turned


defaut nite

sniper inside fire

vampire high

fly light


sniper water


last stand


sniper wake

seellow 2


fly dark


perk menu has:


slieght of hand

double tap

extreme conditioning

steady aim

iron lungs

deep impact

quick revive

flak jacket

unlock menu has:

all attachments

unlock achievements

unlock all death cards and sp maps

main mods have:

pro mod

3rd person

gun on left side

bullet tracers

disco sun

auto tea bag


nade training (aka spec nade)

spawn a clone

god mode

disco fog

spawn a drivable car

forge mode


spectate a friend

spawn an ice skater

auto drop shot

gore mode

kamakaze strike

shoot power ups

spawn a death skull

ghost rider

change your apearence

add pointsor remove points

infections and projectiles has:

shootn panzers

shoot grenade launchers

normal bullets

super auto aim

colored flashing reload

colored grenade indicators

super melee range

blue ping bars

wall hack

disable mod block sow hen you have other ppl blocking your dpad mods u can disable them from doin it to you

best infections of all god mode no clip and all guns when they leave your lobby

verification menu has :



blow them up

send to space


teleport to

and kick

also able to set as co admin

admin mods

create fog

enable modded lobby dvars

rain grenade launchers

rain panzer bullets

rain models

toggle anti cheat to disable dpad mos for other ppl

and game types

and more


whats your gamer tag this iso is protected and will only work on your gamertag

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