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waw double menu has infectable mod menu just like motion flex v2


:( this menu has alot of the v2 menu with alot more added and then the ck3 menu to so in other words is has 2 menus u can run at one time :(

holy shit guess what you can now infect non mods (aka leechers) without a jtag you just need this iso it has the same infectable mod menu as the motion flex v2

new things in the menu


drunk vision cool as shit

random things :

real ac 130s

a real drivable car

toggle on and off spec nade

toggle on and of exploding balls

a new sniper base in the sky that is a solid base

boss round for round 5 (one zombie comes out and has nasty sick fire blowing out of him and it takes 10,000 shots to kill him and hes fast as hell lol)

round skips

ad more points to the score

turn on and of flashing score board

perk menu :

stopping power

dead silence


double tap

quick revive

steady aim

extreme conditioning

flak jacket

deep impact

iron lungs

slieght of hand

unlockable menue :

all atachment

all achievments

prestige menu :

you can set the prestige 0 thru 11 for them or they can set there own

more random stuff:


teleport to crosshair


toggle jetpack

togggle god mode

3rd person

gun on left side


turn invisible

diff map angles

turn yourself in to a real zombie not the dumb brains thing

forge mode

nuke all zombies and more

give zombies real gun not just make them look like thy have guns these zombies carry real guns and ammo

plus all the normal stuff that we offer in our v2 menu

clan tag editor so all players can jut change there clan tag if they want a fancy name so no more leeches lol!!!!

Thats just the v2 part of the menu and this will be under edit for the next few days so expect more soon i still have to ad whats in the ck3 menu and the rest of v2 menu

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