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phoenix v2(now with infectable mod menu)


THIS MOD MENU YOU WILL BE ABLE TO INFECT PEOPLE WITH the same infectable mod menu as the one in the motion flex v2

menus options

main modifacation menu

toggle view model

give frag grenades

lazy t bag

infection package

disco sun


teleport to crosshair


toggle jetpack

togggle god mode

3rd person

gun on left side


turn invisible

diff map angles

turn yourself in to a real zombie not the dumb brains thing

forge mode

unlockable menue

all atachment

all achievments

presige menu

you can set the prestige 0 tru 11 for them or they can set there own

custom colors

changes colors for the mod menu to the one u like

perk menu

stopping power

dead silence


double tap

quick revive

steady aim

extreme conditioning

flak jacket

deep impact

iron lungs

slieght of hand

stats edit for online multiplayer kills deaths wins losses win streak assist score and much more


intro screen

fly light flar vampire high and low and many more


revieve all players

force end game

kamikaze bombs

rain spheres

give zombies real gun not just make them look like thy have guns these zombies carry real guns and ammo

spawn sky base

nuke all zombies and more

player menu


teleport to the player

kick player

give and take all weapons

send to jail and set free

launch player in sky

bullet mods


electric torso

celing dust

dog gibs

dog spawn

tele steam

tele link all

telle pad start

car exsplosion

and so much more

 these dont come with the combo pack


lqk will not let us release untill the 27 of feb. pre orders are welcome though


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