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waw mods (dpad modz)


mod menu mods

forge mode

god mode

no clip

ufo mode

models include


defualt actor

all perk machines

insta kill

double points



fog colors


aim bot

third person

add points to score

achievements unlocked

all challenges unlocked

and prestige 1 to 11 unlocked

bullet fx include

shoot nukes

shoot teleporter beams

shoot power fx

shoot fire

deranking options

teleport to aim spot

zombie options

give weapond

zombies change sides

all verify works for all players

shoot paint balls

shoot to revive

game speed

time speed

round skip

leader board mods



plus turn yourself invisible so other players cant see you

all new ghost rider options

new jet boots

unlock attachments and achievments

max out leaderboards

high leader boards

moderate leaderboards

legit leaderboars

more bullet fx

shoot dog explosions

shoot electric

flashing score board on and off options

wall hack on and off options

spawn death skulls (kills any zombie near it )

turn on instant kill or turn it off



and most important they still work if you are not host

in the lefty button layout for when you dont get host

bind BUTTON_Y "weapnext"

bind DPAD_UP "god"

bind DPAD_DOWN "noclip"

bind DPAD_LEFT "dropweapon"

bind DPAD_RIGHT "give all"


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