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rapid fire service


this is a service to mod your controller with an 8 mode rapid fire chip all you need to do is ship the controler you want modded and we will install the rapid fire mod for you this service comes with a free ring of light mod also you get your choice of pink or blue leds the service takes 2 working days then 3 to 5 working days for it to be back to your house as always the return shipping is free and you will get tracking numbers to

•Mode-1: COD MW3 / MW2 / Black Ops / COD4 Double Tap

•Mode-2: COD5 Fast

•Mode-3: COD4 / MW3

•Mode-4: Black Ops / GOW1&2

•Mode-5: HALO

•Mode-6: COD5 Med.

•Mode-7: 23 Shots/sec. MW3

•Mode-8: 28 Shots/sec.

what color leds do you want pink or blue

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