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theisomodshop is a website for fellow modders, whether its modded controllers, modded game play, or anything of that nature. If your a modder or want to become a modder or just want to learn some glitches this is the site for you to communicate with other modders from around the world, share, read, post, and comment on stuff all about modding.





MODS: i have a xenon jtag with the 0.04 freeboot i love iso modded thanks to jkg




We love to hack and cheat !!!!!!

we have a goal to keep our customers happy with the latest mods out there so if we dont have a mod up that you are looking for feel free to ask us and we will do our best to get it added for you .

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JKG2248 is the shit

aim jkg2248

I strive to keep you guys with the latest and greatest mods there are out there so you dont get into a modded lobby and get made fun of for having old crappy mods

Mods: 2 flashed 360s with ghost case options a huge stack of jtags and one hell of a team to work with mad props to freeboot